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The Lean Stream Manager©
What Do We Do: Managing Change in your Business.

Measuring Profit Margins by evaluating workflows. A quantitative approach.

You may already be working with Lean Consultants. They can help you with kiazen, kanban and takt. We will measure their results.

The LeanFlo Partnership has developed a set of metrics that can establish the real rate of production velocity on your shop floor, throughout your enterprise, for one product or for a mix of products. The metrics were developed by the LeanFlo Partnership, and reviewed and approved by Drexel University, School of Engineering.

The metrics are linked to Gross Profit Margins. Incremental increases in production velocity yield incremental improvements in margins.

We call our metric Lean Stream Manager© or, LSM.

LSM starts by looking for waste. All types of activity are included – value added, transportation, batch processes, uneven workflows, off shore activities are a few.

One guiding principle - WIP is waste made visible. Even that ship on the ocean is WIP.

Lean Stream Manager measures the overall efficiency of the current state and then the future state, calculates the difference – providing you with a real index value - showing how far you have come.

LSM is also used to develop “what if” scenarios - measuring anticipated changes before they actually happen.

The process begins with data collection. Technical measurements are taken on physical quantities at various locations throughout your enterprise.


Here is the sequence of events that the Lean Stream Manager © follows:

o Your current value stream is valued. Indexes are developed. Indexes are linked to your current Gross Margin percent.

o Wait, kanban wait and scheduled non-production time are identified and measured.

o Lean initiatives are implemented.

o Indexes are recalculated and linked to Gross Margins.

o Changes are measured and compared to previous state.

o Ultimately, “what if” scenarios can be developed to measure production improvements before they occur.

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