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Lean Manufacturing Measurements for the Shop Floor and Enterprise Wide to Grow Gross Margins using Metrics that Calculate the Value of your Value Stream

What Do We Do?
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Lean Stream Manager (LSM) Managing Change in your Business. Measuring Profit Margins by evaluating workflows. A quantitative approach. Learn More

How Do We Do It ?
WIP is Waste Made Visible

How We Do It: Collecting Good Data Collecting Good Data: Looking at data in new ways – changing the way you squeeze profit from your enterprise. Learn More
How It Began
Our White Paper

LeanFlo White Paper LeanFlo would like you to review the first few pages of our White Paper. The entire document can be made available to you. Learn more
What Are The Results?
Summary Of Success Stories

LeanFlo Case Studies Learn how The LeanFlo Partnership has helped some of our recent clients. Learn more

The LeanFlo Partnership is a quantitative lean/ profitability analysis firm that specializes in maximizing gross margin by measuring material flows.
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